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Ancestors of Gary Rea


Robert de Caen, Earl of Gloucester

Illegitimate son of King Henry I and his mistress Sybilla Corbet of Alcester.

Mabel FitzHammon

Also called Maud and Sibyl.

William Fitzrobert, Earl of Gloucester

Some call him Earl of Bristol. He has also been named as Mafonache. The Complete Peerage vol.V,p687-9.

Henry I Beauclerc, King of England

Reigned 1100-1135. Duke of Normandy 1106-1135.
His reign is notable for important legal and administrative reforms, and for
the final resolution of the investiture controversy. Abroad, he waged several
campaigns in order to consolidate and expand his continental possessions.
Was so hated by his brothers that they vowed to disinherit him. In 1106 he
captured Robert and held him til he died. He proved to be a hard but just
ruler. He aparently died from over eating Lamprey eels!

Sybilla Corbet of Alcester

Mistress of King Henry I.