What follows is the entire contents of the Bates - Healy family photo album. The images here date from 1864 to the 1880s. The originals consist of a mix of carte de visites and tintypes, some of them reproductions from earlier glass-plate negatives.

The families portrayed in these old photographs, which have been scanned using an Epson Stylus Scan 2500, are some of my ancestors, as well as collateral relations, and people who were not related to me by blood. The Bates family are my ancestors, while the Healys are in-laws of the Bateses. Also included here are unidentifiable persons whose portraits were also found in the leather-bound album left to me by my father.

Where individuals are known, I have included genealogical data, as well as links from their names to their corresponding webpages on my genealogy site.

If you should happen to find an ancestor of yours among these images, feel free to copy the picture. It is my intention to share these images with all fellow descendants and researchers.

To see the full-size images, just click on the thumbnail images.


The Bates Family

 These three photos are of my great-great-grandfather, Allen Bates. The first was taken at Gallop's Island, Massachusetts ca. 1864, when Allen was stationed there as a new recruit into Company F, 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. The other two are from later in life, taken in Cincinnatti, Ohio and in Orange, Massachusetts, respectively:

This is Clara Isabel Bates, my great-grandmother and daughter of Allen Bates & Mary Catherine Wheelock. The first image is of Clara at the age of 13. Second is Clara at age 8 with her sister, Esther. Third is Clara as a baby, and the fourth is Clara as a teenager.

 Next, we have John Bates and Mary Ann Jacobs, the parents of Allen Bates:

 Images of Esther Bates, oldest daughter of Allen Bates & Mary Catherine Wheelock, and sister of Clara Bates. The second from the left was shot at Worcester, Massachusetts.

 This is Mary Bates Hill, sister of Allen Bates:

 This is Clifford Hill, son of Mary Bates Hill.

 This is Mary Catherine Wheelock, my Great-great-grandmother and wife of Allen Bates:


The Healy Family

 This is Edwin W. Healy, patriarch of the family and husband of Sarah Ann Bates:

Here, we have Sarah Ann Bates Healy, wife of Edwin W. Healy, as seen late in life.

 This is Frederick and Arthur Healy, sons of Edwin & Sarah:

 I'm not sure how these two girls were related to the Healy family, but the first photo shows Hattie Healy Cass at 4 years old in 1881. The second photo is of Hattie when she was a bit older, and the third is Hattie's sister, Nellie Mabel Cass at the age of 5.


Unidentified Persons

These are the photos of people who appear in the Bates - Healy album, but for whom no identification is to be found. Wherever possible, I have taken an educated guess as to who some of them were, but the majority remain a mystery to me, and I cannot even be sure which family each belongs to.


This may be either Frederick or Arthur Healy, but I'm not sure

All I know about this woman is that she was photographed at Boston Gallery, 405 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts by photographer Charles D. Holmes.

No data available on this gentleman at all.

Here, again, I have no information about this fellow.

This unidentified woman was photographed at Dubuque, Iowa. Since Allen Bates and his family lived in Ames, Iowa for a short time, I can only guess that she is somehow connected to the Bates family, though I'm not sure what the connection is. 

 Here, we have an unidentified infant, one of several.



No data available for this woman. 

No data available.

This man was photographed in Webster, Massachusetts in 1883. Given the location of the photographer's studio, he was probably one of the Healys, or some relation of theirs. 

Either an unidentified mother and daughter or sisters.


 No data available.

An unidentified woman photographed at Worcester, Massachusetts. 

 No data available.

Another unidentifiable child. 

Yet another unidentified child.


No information available on this rather attractive young lady. 

Another mystery kid. 

And another. This little girl appears in a photo with her older brother (?), below.

No data on this tintype.


An excellent Civil War soldier image; too bad the man isn't identified. 

Still another child without a name. 

No data on this cute little girl. 

No idea who this is, either. 

 This brother-and-sister photo (presumably) contains the same little girl seen above, yet there is no identifying information for either she or her brother.

This could be Mary Bates Hill as a teenager or younger woman. There seems to be a strong resemblance to the photo of her above. 

This may be Hattie Healy Cass, again, a little older. 

This may be another Bates relative, since she was photographed in Cedar Falls, Iowa. 

There is a notation in the album to the effect that this woman may be the same as in the photo I have suggested may be Mary Bates Hill, above and to the left. If so, then I don't think either of them are Mary Bates Hill, but, rather, someone else. The resemblance would suggest she is another Bates, if not Mary.


These little ones were photographed at Webster, Massachusetts, so they could be Healy children. 

This bearded fellow was photographed in Boston, Massachusetts. 

This young man was photographed at Pawtucket, Rhode Island. 



Here we have three photos of the Bates - Healy photo album, itself:


Well, that's it for the Bates - Healy Photo Album. I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos, and if you found any of your own ancestors among them, I'd very much like to hear from you.

Gary Rea



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