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Rea Genealogy - pafn89 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Louis VI "The Fat" King of France

Ruled 1108-1137. Was the first important king of the Capetian line. This line sprang from Hugh Capet, who became king in 987. Louis the Fat was a great fighter, a great hunter, and a great eater. At 46 he became too fat to mount a horse, but he remained the embodiment of warlike energy. His great task was to reduce to order the petty nobles of the royal domain, who could truly be called robber barons. When Louis came to the throne, every lord of a castle robbed at will and it was not safe for even the king to pass along the road. Twenty years of hard fighting were necessary to remedy this condition, but in the end, law and order prevailed. So that such evils might not recur, every castle that was captured was destroyed or given to faithful followers.

Louis VII King of France

Ruled 1137-1180. Was the eldest son of Louis VI. Shortly before his death, Louis VI arranged for his son's marriage to Eleanor of Aquitaine. By this marriage southwest France was added to the domains of the new French king. Unfortunately Louis, who was very religious and prone to be jealous, soon discovered that his beautiful queen was a capricious flirt.

In 1147 Louis departed for the Holy Land on the Second Crusade, taking his queen with him. This Crusade was a miserable failure. After they returned, Louis had his marriage annulled in 1152. Eleanor at once sent an embassy to Henry, count of Anjou and duke of Normandy, proposing marriage. Henry was overjoyed because the alliance transferred to him the great duchy of Guienne. Two years later Henry and Eleanor were crowned king and queen of England. France thus lost a rich territory to England, its greatest rival.

Malcom III, "Ceann Mor" ("Big Head" or "Great Chief"), King of Scotland

Defeated and slayed Macbeth in 1057, avenging his father's murder. Reigned as King of Scotland from 1058 to 1093, when he was ambushed and slain. In 1072 he took an oath of homage to William I, "The Conqueror", King of England.

Margaret "Atheling", Queen of Scotland

Canonized as a saint in 1251. English by birth, Margaret was raised in Hungary. She is credited with bringing to the court of Malcom III "good manners...splendor, and a greater use of ceremonial, which could only serve to enhance the prestige of Scotland among the kingdoms of Christendom." (according to Caroline Bingham in her book, "Kings and Queens of Scotland", published by Taplinger Publishing Co. in 1976).

Margaret had a great influence in increasing the direct influence of Rome in church affairs.


Reigned with his uncle, Donald Ban, from 1093 to 1094 and from 1094 to 1097.