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Rea Genealogy - pafn58 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Joseph Bates

A bricklayer by trade, he was also a constable, from 1675 to 1678, as well as a selectman (1671, 1677, 1684, and 1692), and sexton of his church parish (1673). He resided on his father's estate at South St. in Hingham.

Benjamin Bates

A constable of Hingham in 1665, he was a selectman in 1676, and a Lieutenant in King Philip's War. Inherited "land and other valuables" from his father, Clement Bates.

In his will, dated 14 Nov 1678, he said that, after his wife's death, the bulk of his estate was to go to his brother's children, and also to his servant, Nathaniel Wilson. Also mentioned in his will are his brother-in-law, Amiel Weeks, his cousin, Samuel Clapp of Dorchester, ensign John Thaxter, and John Cutler of Hingham, all of whom he asked to look after his wife after his death.

Samuel Bates

Inherited the original five acres granted to Clement Bates by the town of Hingham, as well as the house that Clement had built upon the land. Lived on South St. in Hingham. It is said that Samuel and his family moved to Long Island.

Mary Bates

Died young.

Jospeh Bates

Probably moved to that part of Scituate, MA that is now Hanover.

Joseph Bates

Was a mason, by trade, as well as constable (in 1705). Resided near the boundary between Hingham and Cohasset.