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Rea Genealogy - pafn26 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


John McCoy

Pioneer in the Missouri Territory. Went to Missouri (Upper Louisiana) in 1797
with brothers and father in law, Henry Zumwalt. In 1804 he was commissioned
Lt. of a Company of Militia in St, . Charles, and served until the end of the
war in 1815 and was discharged. McCoys Creek is named after him.

Dewitt Colony Papers, of The Dewitt Colony, in Gonzales County, Texas.

Biographical information of the Dewitt Colonists in 1828.

Six McCoy's received land grants in the DeWitt Colony. Land records indicate a
John McCoy Sr. (John "Devil/Padre" McCoy) arrived married 9 Mar 1827 with
family of 4, Joseph McCoy arrived married 29 Jan 1829 with family of 7 (son of
John McCoy Sr., by census he was in the colony in 1828), another John McCoy
(believed son of John McCoy Sr.) arrived married 9 Mar 1827 with family of 4,
Jesse McCoy (son of John McCoy Sr.) arrived single 9 Mar 1827, Samuel McCoy
(son of John McCoy Sr.) arrived single 4 Jan 1829, Daniel McCoy arrived married
20 Mar 1830 and Joseph McCoy Jr. arrived single 20 Mar 1830. Grants to father
John Sr. and sons Joseph and Jesse were next to each other southeast of the
Gonzales town tract on the east bank of the Guadalupe River near the current
Gonzales-DeWittCo line while those to putative brothers, John and Samuel McCoy,
were further south on the east bank in current DeWittCo. The grant to Daniel
McCoy was on Peach Creek between Gonzales and the FayetteCo line while that to
Joseph McCoy Jr. was further east in current FayetteCo northeast of current
Waelder. Relation to the John "Padre" McCoy clan of Joseph McCoy Jr. and Daniel
McCoy, who list the same arrival date in land grant records, is unclear, but
they are thought to be a father and son pair, brother and nephew of John
"Padre" McCoy, respectively.

Frederick Keistler

Two sons and three daughters.

Sarah McCoy

Died after 1851.

William Brown

William was a half brother of Joseph, who was married to Polly. Source:
"Pioneer Families of Missouri."

James Stark

1860, Prairie Township, Lincoln County, Missouri