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Rea Genealogy - pafn22 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Kenneth I MacAlpin, King of Scotland

Reigned from 843 to 859. First king of the House of Alpin. United the Picts and Scots in 843. Burke calls him Kenneth II. Kings of Picts & Alba. King of Galloway. See Europäisch Stammtafeln Bund II tafel 67.

Donald II of Alba, King of Alba

Reigned from 889 to 900. Usurped power by deposing his cousins Giric and Eochaid. He was the frist ruler called Ri Alban, or "King of Scotland." Even so, the Norse made inroads into his kingdom, who had established themselves in the Western Isles, and were now attempting to dominate the north of Scotland, as well. Donald died in battle at Forres and is buried on Iona.

Malcolm I of Alba, King of Scotland

King of Alba. Reigned from 942 to 954. Inherited the throne of Scotland upon the abdication of Constantine II.

Kenneth II of Alba, King of Scotland

Reigned from 997 to 1005. King of Alba. Said to have married a princess of Leinster.

Malcolm II of Alba, King of Scotland

conquered Lothian 1018. King of Alba, King of Strathclyde.said to have married an Irishwoman from Ossory.
Killed by his kinsman.

Duncan I, "The Gracious", King of Strathclyde

A sub-king and founder of the House of Dunkeld. Murdered by MacBeth. Annexed Strathclyde to Scotland in 1034, the of his accession. Reigned from 1034 until his defeat and murder by Macbeth in 1040.