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Ancestors of Gary Rea


Lucy Ann Cannon

Born at the new Cannon home, built in 1865. Lived in Moscow Mills, Missouri until 1909, when he moved the family to Denver, Colorado, where they lived until 1910, at which time they returned to live in Moscow Mills. They styed in Moscow Mills until December of 1910, then moved to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. The returned to Moscow Mills in July 1911. In July of 1912, they moved to Troy, Missouri. In April of 1913, they moved to Silex, Missouri. The family remained in Silex until June 1916, when they moved back to Denver.

Virginia Belle McCormick

Died of influenza.

Mildred Cannon McCormick

Graduated from East Denver High School, Denver, Colorado in 1924 and took the entrance exam for the Public Library Training Course. She was accepted, then went through six months of training. Upon completion of her training, she became a member of the staff of the Denver Public Library, where she worked as both a full-time and part-time assistant until June 1928. In the fall of 1925, she entered Denver University and earned a bachelor of arts degree June 1929. She married Clyde Robertson Dorsey June 17, 1928 and they moved to Los Angeles, California, where Clyde worked as a banker. Mildred was a substitute at the Los Angeles Public Library during the summer of 1929. In September of 1929, she entered library school and graduated the following June. She was made a librarian in the Adult Education Department for the summer of 1930, and in September of 1930 became children's libararian, working in the Central Children's Room. Following this, she was a librarian at the University Branch, then the West Los Angeles Branch. In September 1950, she returned to the Children's Room as Senior Libararin in Charge, until her retirement in August of 1967.