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Rea Genealogy - pafn187 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Philip Samuel Cannon

Came to St. Charles County at age 2 with his parents. Grew up at the family homestead on Big Creek. Was a farmer all his life, working the old family homestead on Big Creek. He left his family a comfortable estate.

James Thomas Cannon

Was born at the old Cannon homestead at Big Creek. Lived in Foristell, Missouri. Was a farmer for several years, then, in 1911, went into banking in Foristell. After 31 years as a banker, he retired.

Philip Samuel Cannon

Born at the new Cannon home, built in 1865. Lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

Richard Cannon

Richard and Roma were twins.

John Edward Cannon

Born at the Old Cannon hoestead on Big Creek. He studied medicine at Missouri State University and Missouri Medical College (now Washington University), and became a doctor. He left the family home on May 29, 1882 and moved to Foristell, Missouri, where he established his medical practice. At some point, possibly around 1883, John moved to Clarksville, Texas. A former college roomate, Dr. Mathews, asked him to come to Celeste, Texas and become his partner, and John accepted. There were ten other doctors in Celeste. This was in 1887, and Celeste was a booming town on the Santa Fe Railroad, which had been promoting a big land sale. John later became a physician for the Santa Fe & MKT Railroad, a position which he held for 36 years. It was while in Celeste that John met Mary Ella Carter. Her parents had moved to Santa Anna, Texas for her mother's health, and later to Celeste, where Mr. Carter bought land and property. The Carters had been there only a month when John came to town and became Mrs. Carter's doctor. John married Mary Ella Carter January 9, 1889. They lived in Celeste for twelve years, then moved to Alvin, Texas. In September of 1900, a tornado completely demolished the town of Alvin, and John and Mary returned to live in Celeste. John was a trustee to the local school, and a city health officer in Celeste. John died July 17, 1941 and was buried at Mt. Carmel Cemetery in Celeste.

Josephine Cannon

Was a graduate of Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 1912, then taught high school for 4 years.

Stephen Crittenden

Graduated from Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas in 1974.

David George Crittenden

Graduated from high school in 1973 and attended Texas A&M at Bryan, Texas in 1974.

Nancy Elizabeth Cannon

Was born at the old Cannon homestead on Big Creek.