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Rea Genealogy - pafn167 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Vladimir (St.) The Great of Kiev, Grand Prince of Kiev

First Christian Grand Duke of Kiev (980-1015). To succeed his father, Sviatoslav, as ruler of KIEVAN RUSSIA he defeated his two brothers. In about 988 he became a Christian and married Anna, sister of Byzantine Emperor BASIL II.


Sister of Byzantine Emperor Basil II.

Thomas Morse

Will dated Nov. 10, 1596. Was minister at Boxted, Essex, 1573-1578; Hinderclay, Suffolk, 1583; and Foxearth, Essex, 1595. His replacement at Foxearth was presented Mar. 10, 1596/7. Will proved Apr. 28, 1597. Married first May 26, 1573, Boxted, Essex; and second Nov. 24, 1585, Boxted, Essex, Margery BOGGAS.

Nigel de Albiny

Owned large holdings in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Leicestershire, and Warwickshire.

Pain de Chaworth

One of the Welsh Marcher Lords.