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Rea Genealogy - pafn15 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


William Hayward


Thomas Thayer

Was a shoemaker.

From NEHGR, #19 (1859), p. 335:
Thomas THAYER. I, Thomas TAYER of Brantrey, in Suffolke, in the Massachusetts colonie, of New England, Shoemaker, 24th June 1664, doemake this my last will. Unto my wife, Margery, that now is, all my lands, goods and estate in Brantrey, during the tyme of her life, and after her decease I give unto my sonne, Thomas TAYER, his heiers & assigns all my ground, being over Monotoquot River, within the limmits of Brantrey, with the tymber and other wood growing or fallen upon the same, with the other the appurtenances, part of which ground he hath allready in his possession. Unto Ferdinando TAYER, my sonne, his heiers & assigns (ymmediately after the decease of Margery, my wife, my house and orchard thereunto belonging, lyeing in Brantrey, with all the planting ground and pasture lying betweene ye high way and the river, called Montoquot River, aforesaid, And on the other side of the high way from the south sid of the barne to the end of the lotte. Further my will is, that the said Ferdinando, shall haue free liberty to cut fale and Carry away for wood for his and his now wifes own burning, of and from my lotte called Twenty acre Lotte, during his and his said wifes life. Into my sonne, Sidrache, his heiers and assigns, ymmediately after the decease of Margery, my wife, a parcel of ground in Brantrey, which shall
begin at the corner of the barne next his dwelling house and shall run with a straight line to the vpper end of the lott, I giue twenty acres of land more unto the said Sidrach, his heiers and assignes (as before) land in Brantrey, next vuto the ground of Henry Neale, provided he, by heiers and assignes, prmit my sonne, Ferdinando & his now wife, to take wood thereof for their owne burneing during their naturall lives, as before expressed. I giue all my goods and Chattells vnto my grand Children, to be equally divided amongst them. If any of my said children shall appeare to be discontented & murmor at this my last will and testament, Then my will and minde is, That any such child, one or more of them, shall haue but five shillings for their portion, and the portion of portions of any such Child or Children so murmoring and discontented, as aforesaid, shall be equally divided amongst the rest of my Children and Grand children. I appoint my wife, Margery, % sonne, Fardinando, executors of this my last will and testament. Thomas X Tayer
Sarah X Sauill, Ruth X Basse, Margery flint 13 Sep 1665. Sarah Sauill & Ruth Basse deposed.
(On the other side of the original will, is the following, which is not on record:) "Wee, Ferndinando, Thomas, and Sydrach THAYER, children of Thomas THAYER, deceased, That is to say upon Aduice & counsell, The Abouesayd Ferdinando, who by his fathers will is made executor (of) his fathers last Will and Testament seeing some Inequality, especially in the behalfe of his elder brother, with some litell to Sydrach, in consideration that brotherly loue may continue, Doth grant to his beloved Brethern all the land aboue the highway excepting Two acres, which two acres is bounded on the line running from the highway from the south side of the land where the barne stood and so upon a straight line to the south corner of Goodman Preys line; all on the south side of this , to be to Sydrach, to him and his heires for ever, and the said Ferdinandoes to come Inward towardes Thomas, to his heires execqutors and assignes foreuer. this being a full and unanimous agreement betweene the three brethren. and wee, the Aboue said Thomas, Ferdinando & Sydrach doe heerby engage ourselues, Joyntly and seuerally, for himselfe, neuer to make any disturbance, either of other any expression in out fathers will notwithstanding.
Witnesse our hands this thirtieth of June one Thousand six hundred sixty fiue.
Inventory of the estate of thomas TAYER senr of Braintree Late deceased, taken by Francie elliott, John French, Samuell Tomson, 7th June, 1665. 13th Sep 1665. Ferdinando Tayer deoposed.

Will of Thomas TAYER of Thornbury, gent. Dated 13 February 1622; proved 20 May 1623. to the Parish church of Thornbury 6s.8d.To Poor people of Thornbury and Kington 40s. Desires that Mr. Sprinte, minister at Thornbury, should preach 4 sermons on such texts of Holy Scripture as he should appoint before his decease and at such times as he should mention, one at a funeral, and the others at intervals of a month, and he be paid 6s.8d. for his trouble. To son Ferdinando and his heirs house, deed and appurtenances at Thornbury, and failing issue to son Francis and his heirs, and failing issue, to daughter Elinor Smith and her heirs. To said Francis L40 and a signet ring. To son Ferdinando L70
and a gold ring. To daughter Elinor Smith 12d. To Frederick Badminton, son of daughter Elinor, L20. To Hannah Smith and Elinor Smith, daughters of said Elinor Smith, L10 apiece. If wife should marry again, then to son Francis L50, to Frederick Badminton L20, and to Hannah and Hseter, L10. Due on Bond from Thomas Smith L100, this amount to be for the use of Frederick Badminton. To each of children various silver articles. all residue of goods to present wife Ann, who is to have use of all silver plate till her death or second marriage, and she to be Executrix, if she refuse, then sons Ferdinando and Francis to be Executors. Overseers: William Rider, Richard Atwells, John Parker, and John Champneys, gent., and sons Francis and Ferdinando TAWYER. Witnesses: John Parker, John Champneys, Francis Tawyer, and Ferdinando Tawyer. (consistory of Gloucester.)

Thomas THAYER, son of Richard THAYER, was christened 16 Aug 1596 at Thornbury,
Gloucestershire, England. Thomas died 2 June 1665 in Braintree, MA. He married Margery
WHEELER 13 April 1618 at Thornbury, England. She was born 25 April 1600 at
Thornbury, England, the daughter of Abel WHEELER and Jane SHEPHARD. Margery
died 13 Feb 1672/73 in Braintree, MA.

The immigrant Thomas THAYER is the progenitor of the largest of the three branches of the
THAYER Family of America. Well over 20,000 of his descendants are followed in my
publication entitled A Comprehensive Genealogy of the Thayer Family of
America. Thomas THAYER first appears in the records in America on 24 Feb 1639/40
when he was granted land at Mt. Wollaston (now Braintree) MA for his family of 9 heads
for "40 acres more, there being in all 76 acres upon the same covenant of the three shillings
per acre."

There has been much speculation concerning the exact year of immigration for Thomas
THAYER. Some say as early as 1630, others as late as 1645--which was most certainly
too late. In 1994, Raymond Alexander ("Rick") THAYER, TFA secretary, called the New
England Historic Genealogical Society to ask about a list of possible ships which may have
transported the THAYER immigrants to the Colonies. He spoke with Dave Dearborn, who
was referred as an expert on the subject and was surprised to learn that the only entry ever
given and available there was the name of the Captain of the ship John DRIVER, which
brought Thomas to the Port of Boston, having left Weymouth, England in 1637. Evidently
this was in reference to the goods which Thomas shipped from the Port of Weymouth on 22
April 1637 on the ship Speedwell. It is my understanding that the "names of the passengers
were not recorded unless they also happened to be exporting dutiable goods, though some
exceptions are to be found to this practice."(Genealogical Gleanings in England
Passenger and Ships to America 1618-1668, by Peter Wilson Coldham.)

When Rick called NEHGS once again in 1995, he spoke with Mr. Dearborn's Assistant,
Jerry Anderson, and was informed that there, were two recorded sailing vessels in the
period between 1607 and 1670 with the THAYER name; one, the "Blessing" captained by
John DEVINE, which evidently brought Thomas to Boston Harbor on 8 April 1637(The
Complete Book of Immigrants, Volume I, 1607-1670, by Peter Wilson Coldham); the
other was the "Speedwell" which followed shortly thereafter and carried Thomas' goods.

Thomas THAYER was a shoemaker, as can be seen by his will, dated 21 June 1664. This
has been published in full in the 1835 THAYER Memorial by Dr. Elisha THAYER and
elsewhere. Birth; Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Thornbury, Gloucester, England parish
register, "Thomas TAYER," Godfathers were Thomas GIBBS and William DIMERY.
Marriage; Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Thornbury, Gloucester, England parish register.

The Children of Thomas THAYER and Margery WHEELER were.
1. Urusla, christened 18 Nov 1619 at Thornbury, Gloucester, England, d. 13 Dec 1619 at
2. Welfery, christened 20 May 1621 at Thornbury, d. 10 July 1621 at Thornbury.
3. Thomas, christened 15 Sept 1622, d. 9 Aug 1692/93.
4. Ferdinando, christened 18 April 1625, d. 28 March 1712.
5. Urusla, christened 8 Oct 1626 at Thornbury, d. 2 May 1627 at Thornbury.
6. Child THAYER, b. 1627 at Thornbury, d. 3 Dec 1627 at Thornbury.
7. Shadrach, christened 9 May 1629, d. 19 Oct 1678.
8. Mary, b. 24 June 1630 at Thornbury
9. Child THAYER, b. 1632 at Thornbury, d. 1632 at Thornbury.

Re; The Thayer, Tayer, Theyer Families of Gloucestershire, England 1500-1660 by
Patricia Thayer Muno, 1995