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Rea Genealogy - pafn136 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Walter de Beauchamp

Of Elmsley Castle, Gloucestershire, married Emeline Abitot, daughter and heiress of Urso de Abitot, Constable of the castle of Worcester and hereditary sheriff of Worcestershire (who was brother of Robert le Despencer, steward to the Conqueror). He was invested with that sheriffalty by King Henry I., and obtained a grant from the same monarch (to whom he was a steward) of all the lands belonging to Roger de Worcester, with a confirmation of certain lands given to him by Adelise, widow of his father-in-law, the said Urso de Abitot.
This marriage happened after the Conquest; for at that time the General Survey was made, the name of Beauchamp is not once mentioned as lord of any manor in England. But Urso de Abitot had manors almost in very part of it. He being hereditary sheriff, his office was to keep this part of the new-conquered kingdom in subjection; it was necessary, therefore, that his power should be very great, to enable him to withstand any neighboring prince inclined to rebel, and that he should have influence in every part of the county. Robert de Abitot, the Conqueror's steward, built Elmsley Castle upon an eminence under Bredon Hill, and dying without issue, the manor and castle descended to his brother, Urso. The hereditary office of sheriff by this marriage descended to the Beauchamps, in which family it continued till the 10th year of King Edward IV, when Richard Nevill, the Earl of Salibury, in right of his wife, Ann, sister and sole heiress of Henry Beauchamp, Duke and Earl of Warwick, being slain in Barnet Field fighting against the king, lost his office.
Walter de Beauchamp was succeeded, as well in his estates as in the royal stewardship, by his son, William.

Hugh de Beauchamp

Was a companion in arms of William the Conqueror. Owned large holdings in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Buckinghamshire. Was the founder of the house of Beauchamp in England, among the most emminent of Norman families.

Milo de Beauchamp

Resided in Eaton, Bedfordshire.

Walter de Beauchamp

Of Powyke and Alcester. (See Burke, pg. 34.) He having purchased from Reginald Fitzherbert a moiety of the manor of Alcester, co. Warwick, made that one of his principal seats, calling it Beauchamp Court; the other being at Powyke, co. Worcester. This Walter, who was an eminent person at the period in which he lived, being signed with the cross for a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, had a legacy of 200 marks bequeathed to him by his father, for his better performance of that voyage. He was steward of the household to King Edward I., and attended that monarch to Flanders, and into Scotland, where he shared in the honors of Falkirk on July 22, 1298. In the 29th year of the same reign he was one of the lords in the parliament of Lincoln, being then styled Dominus de Alcester, who signified to the Pope, under their seals, the superiority of King Edward over the kingdom of Scotland. In Prestwich's "Edward I," it describes Walter de Beauchamp in a quotation from "The Siege of Carlaverock" as follows: "a knight who would have been one of the best of all, according to my opinion, if he had not been too proud and rashly insolent, but you won't hear anyone talk of the steward without a 'but' ". He married Alice de Toni (Tony), her first husband. [She is recorded in Burke, pg. 534, as the sister of Robert de Toni, Baron Toni, descendant of Ralph de Toni, Lord of Toni in Normandy, standard bearer of that duchy, and one of the soldiers of Hastings. Ralph de Toni married Alice Bohun, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun and his wife, Maud of Eu. Humphrey was the son of Henry de Bohun, the Surety of the Magna Charta. Robert de Toni d.s.p. in 1311, and his estates devolved upon his sister, Alice de Toni, who married (2) Thomas Leybourne, son of William Leybourne, a descendant of the Sureties Roger and Hugh Bigod, from which there was issue; and (3) Guy de Beauchamp, a descendant of Sureties Roger and Hugh Bigod, from which there was issue (See Burke, Chapter 40) and (4) William de Mortimer, Baron Zouche of Ashby, co. Leicester, who assumed the surname of Zouche and was Constable of the Tower of London.] Wurts has her a daughter of Ralph de Toni of Castle Maud (now Painscastle) Radnor, and South Tawton, Devon, and Flamstead, co. Herts, and his wife, Alice Bohun (See Wurts, pg. 53). Alice Bohun and her husband Ralph de Toni were the parents of Constance Toni, whose husband was Fulk FitzWarin. (He had a daughter Eve who became the wife of Llewelyn the Great).

Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick

The Complete Peerage v.XIIpII,pp.361-362. There it is stated he had no surname
see Appendix A, of that volume.

Ragnvald I Eysteinsson, "The Wise" of Mor

Called Ragnald by some.