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Rea Genealogy - pafn134 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


William de Braose

Baron de Braose. Inherited the large estates of his grandmother in Normandy. Was a person of great power and influence during the reigns of Henry II and Richard I. From Henry II he obtained a grant of the "whole kingdom of Limerick, in Ireland." William had a quarrel with King John, the subject of which isn't clear as there are a few different versions related by Burke alone. When he learned that the King had issued orders for his arrest, he and his family fled to Ireland. Another version holds that King John had banished the de Braoses and that they died of starvation at Corfe Castle.

Philip de Braose

Died during the Crusades.

William de Braose, Lord of Sussex

Companion in arms of William the Conqueror. Held large estates in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey, Dorset, and Sussex.
Bramber Castle is one of the many Sussex Castles of the de Braose family and certainly existed by 1073, the masonry probably dating to before 1100. The de Braoses owned the Castle until their line perished in 1342 when the Castle passed to the Crown. It was destroyed in a siege in 1642. William de Braose sided against King John during the Magna Carta episode. As a punishment de Braose's wife and children were taken to Windsor and starved to death. During December, on cold, bitter nights, you can hear the children's pitiful cries echoing around the broken walls of Bramber Castle. The Castle is now owned by English Heritage and is open all year and free to visit.

Bernard II de Saint Valery

Died at the Battle of Hastings.