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Ancestors of Gary Rea


Alexander III, King of Scotland

The boy-king Alexander III was crowned at Scone. He had a number of titles, inlcuding King of Alba, King of Scotia, or Scotland, and King of Scots.

On Christmas Day in 1251, Alexander was knighted by Henry III of England and, the following day, married his daughter Margaret.

In his early twenties, Alexander had set the goal for himself of completing his father's campaign to acquire the Western Isles. Like his father, he first tried negotiation, then conquest. In 1263, Haakon the Old, King of Norway, reluctant to lose his hold on the Western Isles, sent a fleet of ships to Scotland, where he was defeated by Alexander at the Battle of Largs. Haakon retired to the Orkneys, where he died. The transfer of the Western Isles was completed via diplomacy, with Norway ceding them to Scotland in the Treaty of Perth in 1266. The acquistion of the Western Isles greatly enhanced Alexander's prestige, enabling him to lead his kingdom in prosperity, order and unity.

Alexander was accidentally killed in March of 1286. He was returning to Kinghorn from a council meeting at Edinburgh Castle on a dark and stormy night, when his horse lost its footing and threw him over a cliff.

John Balliol, King of Scotland

Reigned as a puppet king from 1292 to 1296.

Robert I, "The Bruce" (de Brus), King of Scotland

Reigned from 1306 to 1329. Freed Scotland from English rule, winning the decisive Battle of Bannockburn (1314) and ultimately confirming Scottish independence in the Treaty of Northampton (1328).