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Rea Genealogy - pafn103 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Henry Plantagenet, 3rd Earl of Lancaster

Earl of Leicester 1324. He was one of the leaders of the great confederacy which overturned the power of the Despencers and deposed Kind Edward II. He was appointed guardian of the new King Edward III. He was appointed captain-general of all the King's forces in the Marches of Scotland. Lord of Beaumont and Nogent 1336. AKA 'Tortcol'. The Complete Peerage vol.VII,pp.396-401.

Henry Grosment of Derby Plantagenet, 1st Duke of Lancaster

Earl of Derby. He was the King's lieutenant for the northern parts of England, and general of his army against the Scots. He founght in France and was chief in command at the siege of Calais. He was made the King's lieutenant in
Flanders and France and made Earl of Lincoln. Died of the Black Death. Lord of Beaufort and Nogent. Some say died 1394. The Complete Peerage vol.VII,pp.401-410 & vol.IV,p.204.

Edmund "Crouchback" Plantagenet, Earl of Leicester

In 1253 he was invested by the Pope in the Kingdom of Sicily and Apulia, at about this time he was also made Earl of Chester. These were of little value as the real King of Sicily was still living and the Earldom of Chester was
transfered to his elder brother Edward. He soon obtained, however, both possessions and dignities, for upon the forfeiture of Simon de Montfort by the King of the Earldom of Leicester and also the honour of the Stewardship of
England and the lands of Nicolas de Segrave. CP,vol.VII,pp.378-387,pp.547.

Thomas of Lancaster Plantagenet, 2nd Earl of Lancaster

Steward of England and Sheriff of Lancashire and from his wife Earl of Lincoln In 1312 he joined the Confederation against Piers Galveston, and was made their genereal by the nobles and great personages, who had united for a redres
of grievances. From this he was never fully restored to the confidence of the King but was the great champion of the popular party, in whose cause he eventually laid down his life. He was captured at Boroughbridge and then taken
to Pontefract tried and beheaded.Many said he should be sainted.CPv.VIIp387-96

John of Beaufort, Lord of Beaufort

Lord of Nogent-Lartauld

Robert I of Artois, Capet, Count of Artois

Europaisch Stammtafeln Band II Tafel 7.

Henry III, King of England

Reigned 1216-1272. Henry III was only nine years old at his accession in 1216, declaring himself of age in 1227. His grip on government and finance was weak and his dependence on foreign favorites generated resentment among the aristocracy, leading to the Marshal Rebellion of 1233-34.
His marriage in 1236 to Eleanor of Provence didn't help, and his promise to assist the Pope in Sicily provoked the barons to issue the Provisions of Oxford, which limited the king's power. Henry renounced these and the second Barons' War broke out in 1264, during which he was captured with his eldest son Edward at the battle of Lewes by Simon de Montfort, who ruled briefly until he died at Evesham in August 1265.
After that Henry played little part in government and was succeeded by his son King Edward I in 1272.

From Tompsett:

Reigned 1216-1272. A minor when he took the throne he did not take the reigns
of Government himself until 1234. Baronian discontent simmered, boiling over
in 1258 when Henry facing financial disaster attempted to raise large sums
from his magnates. Reforms were agreed upon but then renouced by Henry. Simon
de Montford lead a rebellion against the King (the Barons Wars) which was
defeated after initial success, thereafter Hnery ceeded much of his power to
his son. Burke say he was born 10 Oct 1206 and married 14 Jan, crowned 1216.