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Rea Genealogy - pafn08 - Generated by Personal Ancestral File

Ancestors of Gary Rea


Charles Friesz

Was living in John Day, Oregon in 1947.

Unknown Woodward

First wife of Charles Friesz.

Charles Friesz

Was living in John Day, Oregon in 1947.

"Beva" Unknown

Second wife of Charles Friesz

Josephine Hihler (Hiller)

Lived in St. Louis, Missouri.

Elizabeth Oppel Fischer

Came to America with her parents, settling in the Bellville-Shiloh area of

Joseph Cannon

Settled in Tennessee, then moved his family to St, Charles County, Missouri in 1811. During the Indian Wars, the family lived in Kennedy's Fort. Joesph Cannon was said to have been a great hunter and indian fighter. When moving to Missouri from Tennessee, the family crossed through Kentucky and Illinois to the Mississippi basin, crossing the Mississippi River just north of its junction with the Missouri River, east of St. Charles, Missouri.

According to Jesse A. Cannon, my grand uncle, Joseph Cannon and Nancy Sitton were married in North Carolina. Their son, Philip Samuel Cannon was born in Tennessee Nov. 19, 1809. Their first home in Missouri, in what is now St. Charles County, on Big Creek, was constructed of walnut logs and was the home of three generations of Cannons.

Nancy Sitton

Nancy's father may have been either Phillip Sitton, born in 1733 in Prince George, Maryland, or John Sitton, born abt. 1745 in North Carolina. This was determined from LDS Ancestral Files that show a later Nancy Sitton, born in either North Carolina or Lincoln County, Missouri. Since it is not improbable that there was a child born in the Sitton family later in the 19th Century, also named Nancy, I backtracked through her ancestors to these two men, who were the right age and in the right place to have been the father of Nancy Sitton, born in 1765.

According to my grand uncle, Jesse A. Cannon, the Cannon's daughter Sarah was named Sarah Gibson and was a step-daughter of Joseph Cannon's, which indicates that Nancy had a previous marriage to a man named Gibson, who apparently died, leaving her a widow.

Daniel McCoy

Estate of Daniel McCoy - St. Charles Co., MO

St. Charles Co., MO - Circuit Court Records - Oct. Term 1853

Fanny McCoy, John McCoy, Mary McCoy, Lewis Groce and Lucinda Groce
his wife in right of his wife, and William McCoy, James M. McCoy and Frances
Ann McCoy by John McCoy their Guardian - Plaintiffs


Noah Noel and Rachel Noel his wife in right of his wife, John M.
Slavens and Elizabeth Slavens his wife in right of his wife, Alexander Morris
and Margaret Morris his wife in right of his wife, Thomas Riley and Julia A.
his wife in right of his wife, Joseph Hopkins and Rachel Hopkins his wife in
right of his wife, George Cannon, William Cannon, John Cannon, Nancy Cannon,
Daniel Cannon, Ellen Elizabeth Cannon, Nathaniel Cannon, Sarah? Ann Cannon and
William Smith and Tempy Smith his wife in right of his wife, John Derickson and
Mary Derickson his wife in right of his wife, James Skaggs and Sarah Skaggs his
wife in right of his wife, James Cain, Joseph Cain, Daniel Cain, Caroline Cain,
Luvina Cain and Jessy Cain - Defendants.

Plaintiffs state that in the year 1844 Daniel McCoy died leaving
certain heirs, among whom was Rachel McCoy his widow, who has since also
departed this life to wit in the year 1851 - that said Daniel McCoy died
seized.. land in St. Charles Co., MO - NW 1/4 SW 1/4 S N32 T48N R1E 40 acres
entered by said Daniel McCoy as per Duplicate No. 12386 dated Oct 1839 at St.
Louis - that said Rachel McCoy died seized & possessed of land in said county
adjoining the above described to wit SW 1/4 of SW 1/4 of S 32 T 48N R 1E
containing 40 acres entered by ____ patent No _199 and conveyed by him and wife
to Joseph McCoy by deed recorded Book K p.12 and conveyed by Joseph McCoy to
said Rachel McCoy by deed recorded Book K p.12 and 13. Daniel McCoy and Rachel
McCoy were husband and wife and left the same heirs - that some of their
children have died leaving other heirs - that, some of these heirs - that some
of these heirs have intermarried with third persons - that the original heirs
were Fanny McCoy, Nancy Cain, Sarah Kistler, Mahala Cain, Elizabeth Cannon and
Margaret Morris - that Fanny McCoy lives in St. Charles County, Missouri and is
entitled to one sixth part of the described land - that Nancy Cain died leaving
heirs as follows: Tempy Smith wife of William Smith, Mary Derickson wife of
John Derickson, James Cain, Joseph Cain, Daniel Cain of Washington Co.,
Missouri, Sarah Skaggs wife of James Skaggs of Franklin County, Mo., Jessy
Cain, Caroline Cain and Luvina Cain minors without Guardians, of Franklin Co.,
Missouri who are each entitled to one fifty fourth (1/54) of said two tracts of
land - that the said Sarah Kistler and her husband sold their interest in said
lands to William McCoy and Mahala Cain and her huband have sold their interest
therin to Wm McCoy and David Barley and David Burley has sold to John McCoy and
William McCoy died leaving the above named Fanny McCoy his widow and children
as follows Rachel Noel wife of Noah Noel of Washington Co., MO, Lucinda Groce
wife of Lewis Groce of St. Charles Co., MO, John McCoy of same County, Susan
Laughlin wife of John Laughlin who have sold to John McCoy, Elizbeth Slavens
wife of John M. Slavens... (need rest of this deed)

Gonzales Co., TX - October Term 1848 - Probate Minutes "C"

Partition of Estate }

of }

Daniel McCoy decd}

The petition of Wm Means for partition of the headright League of Land of
Daniel McCoy Sr dec'd On the Sundry fork of Peach Creek in Gonzales County 9
miles from the town of Gonzales being examined by the Court and it appearing t
the Court that legal notice has been given of the application for partition in
this case and it further appearing to the Court that Fanny McCoy, Wm. Means,
Nancy Cain decd the daughters of said D. McCoy decd, Joseph McCoy, Elizabeth
McCoy alias Cannon, daughter of said D. McCoy decd, Margarett Morris & Mahala
Cain daughters of said D. McCoy decd are the persons equitably entitled to the
Estate of Danl McCoy Sr Decd and all of said parties being non-residents except
Wm Means & Margaret Morris & the said Means appearing by his attorney Wm. H.
Steueart and Margaret Morris appearing by her husband A Morris and none of the
other parties appearing it is adjudged that Wm. Steueart be appointed attorney
to represent the interest of said other parties and it is ordered adjudged &
decreed that said League of Land be divided equally as to quality and value
unto seven parts between the said parties and that one seventh be set apart to
said Fanny McCoy, 1/7 to said Wm Means, 1/7 to Estate of Nancy Cain decd,
daughter of Daniel McCoy Sr. decd, 1/7 to Joseph McCoy, 1/7 to Elizabeth McCoy
alias Cannon daughter of said Daniel McCoy Snr dec's, 1/7 to Margaret Morris &
1/7 to Mahala Cain daughter of said Danl McCoy Snr decd. And it is further
Ordered and adjudged that I S. Martin, Wm H. H. Baldridge and C. C. DeWitt be
appointed Commissioners in partitiion to divide said League of Land and that
they make their return to the December Term of this Court.

1/7 each then reflects:

Fanny McCoy

William Means [how does William Means relate to this family? I appears that
this is Sarah Keistler's portion.]

Estate of Nancy Cain

Joseph McCoy

Elizabeth McCoy Cannon

Margaret Morris

Mahala Cain

Rachel (Zumwalt) McCoy's Balance for Distribution - 1855 - St. Charles
Co., MO

Balance for Distribution: $459.15

Fanny McCoy - $76.52-1/2

Sarah Kiesler - $76.52-1/2

Margaret Morris - $76.52-1/2

Mahala Cain - $76.52-1/2

Tempy Smith - $8.50-1/4

Mary Derrickson - $8.50-1/4

James Cain - $8.50-1/4

Joseph Cain - $8.50-1/4

Daniel Cain - $8.50-1/4

Daniel Cain - $8.50-1/4

Sarah Skaggs - $8.50-1/4

Jesse Cain - $8.50-1/4

Caroline Cain - $8.50-1/4

Lavina Cain - $8.50-1/4

Julia A. Riley - $7.65-1/4

George Cannon - $7.65-1/4

William Cannon - $7.65-1/4

Rachel Hopkins - $7.65-1/4

John Cannon - $7.65-1/4

David M. Cannon - $7.65-1/4

Nancy M. Cannon - $7.65-1/4

Elizabeth Cannon - $7.65-1/4

Nathaniel Cannon - $7.65-1/4

Sarah A. Cannon - $7.65-1/2

Total: $459.15

Caldwell Co., TX Deed Book "H", p.176

"John McCoy of St. Charles Co., MO, to Margaret Morris of Caldwell Co., TX -
"all right to a land certificate of 320 acres of Bounty land belonging to
Daniel McCoy deceased which has never been laid or located due to said Daniel
McCoy for servcies rendered inthe State of Texas being certificate #3441 dated
18 May 1838..... My right title claim and interest in and to the said
certificate is the shears and interests of Fanny McCoy, Mahala Cain, Nancy
Cain, sarah Keisler, and Elizabeth Connor all of them heirs and daughters of
the said Daniel McCoy. The said interests hereby conveyed is 5/6 of the said
certificate." Recorded 7 July 1856.

p.177 - recorded the grant to the heirs of Daniel McCoy deceased, of 162 acres
on the Sandy fork of Peach Creek about 15 miles S. 60 E from Lockhart ... by
virture of Bounty warrant No. 3441 for 320 acres issued ... 18 May 1838.

Military service: Indian Wars, St. Charles County, Missouri


"This is to sartify that henery Zumwalt is wiling to Let Danial mc
Coy have his Daughtr rachel zumwalt

signed peter zumwalt"

"Know all men by these presents that we Daniel McCoy and Benjamin
Jones are held & firmly Bound unto James Garrard Esqr Governor of Kentucky of
his successors in the just & full sum of fifty pounds Current money & for
payment will & truely be made & ___ to our sd Governor his Successors &c We
bind ourselves our heirs exors & admrs jointly & severally firmly by these
presents Sealed with our seals & Dated this 21st day of October 1797. The
Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas William Moore Clerk of
Harrison County hath this day issued a license for the Marriage of Daniel McCoy
and Rachel Zumalt now should ___ lawfull cause to obstruct sd Marriage then the
above obligation to ___ else remain in force & ____. Teste W. Moore
Signed by mark of Daniel McCoy and mark of Benjamin Jones"

John Lewis McCoy

Not married.

Joseph McCoy

Not married.

Daniel M. Cannon

1850 Census of Philip Samuel Cannon shows a Daniel M. Cannon, age 10. Daniel
and Zerilda didn't have children of their own, but raised several relatives

Daniel was a private in the Missouri Infantry, Aug 1861-July 1862 in the Civil

Raphael Florathey

Lived in Iowa until 1875.

Rachel Cannon

Lived in Iowa until 1875.

Richard II, Fourth Duke of Normandy

Reigned from 996 to 1026.